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About Symbiote

A strong design heritage evolved into a specialized furniture company.

The Symbiote Story

Headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan Symbiote's global reach spans eight countries through a network of 100 dealers and 21 employees. The company's designs include mobile workstations, height adjustable tables, shelving, storage and components.


Symbiote Building

Symbiote, Inc. was initially founded in 1984 with the need to develop custom solutions to compliment the Herman Miller Action Factory product line. The company's strong design heritage has developed into the high quality standards required in the technical and laboratory furniture industry.

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Travis Randolph, founder and president of Symbiote, Inc.

"My whole career has been spent on the cutting edge of design, research and development. And, after all those years of working with people and products, I'm very pleased with where Symbiote is today and proud of how we've become experts in the technical and laboratory furniture industry."
- Travis Randolph, President