Legos like modular furniture, Lego competition St. Paul's College Hongkong 2011 by Kathy Luk to Wikimedia commons

Lab Furniture

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Setting the Stage to Build or Renovate a Lab

Remember when you were a kid, putting together colored, plastic blocks to construct your own design? Building a lab with modular components is similar. It makes the most out of your space especially when you need to scale up or down.

Every component is reconfigurable, from height adjustable tables and storage, to power and utilities for countless options. Need a custom solution? We build trusted products to maintain your equipment investment and enhance your workplace.

Featured Case Studies

Our customers build things that fly, keep us safe, fight disease and help us communicate and grow as individuals.

  • How We Manufacture

    A corporation operates one of the largest clinical lab networks in the world.

    LabCorp Diagnostics
  • How We Teach

    Facilitating vocational training programs in business, technology, healthcare and trades.

    Skill Center
  • How We Heal

    A nurturing and welcoming environment for patients with a range of nursing activities.

    Nursing Clinic and Lab
  • How We Age

    A lab to study neurodegenerative diseases, learning and memory features custom products.

    Behavioral Neuroscience Lab

Outfitting a Lab with Modular Furniture

  • Sit to stand, height-adjustable workbenches, workstations and tables adjust by one-inch increments
  • Steel Cabinets: Free-standing, mobile, stationery, wall-mount, frame-mount, or strip-mount
  • Countertops: Phenolic, Dissipative, Stainless, Laminate and Maple hardwood
  • Shelving, storage and accessories: Components adjust in one-inch increments
  • Custom: Super heavy-duty tables, extra-large worksurfaces and other product designs you need

Lab Planning Resources