custom size manual height adjustable Symbiote 4-Legged tables with stainless steel surfaces and sinks at Marist High School


Marist Catholic High School

A 60-year-old monastery on the south side of Chicago was renovated into a cutting-edge science wing with Symbiote tables and storage.

Quick Details

  • Project Type: High School Renovation
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Dealer: Interior Investments
  • Completed: 2019


Project Details & Features

In Chicago, Marist High School educates over 1,700 students each year in the spirit of "education for time and eternity". Established in 1963, the bustling preparatory high school was outgrowing its campus and was looking to renovate the monastery wing. Recognizing the need for a state of the art science wing, the plans included ten new science labs, mock patient diagnosis area, medical simulators, outdoor space for physics experiments, a planetarium, forensics lab, and spaces for independent research. Symbiote mobile and modular furniture encourages reconfiguration and student-teacher connection throughout the new wing.

Symbiote height adjustable 4-Legged Tables with hanging storage and electrical plug strips are included throughout the classrooms as islands to facilitate collaboration. Custom surfaces with gas and water access allow science experiments to be performed by every student. Hanging backpack cabinets maximize floor space and increase cleanability. The perimeters of the labs feature mobile 4-Legged Tables and fixed lab cabinets, adding additional storage and modularity to quickly reconfigure for any class. Marist High School truly custom-tailored the environment with standard and special Symbiote furniture to create effective learning environments.

"The advantages the new wing provides students to work hands-on with elite equipment and technology is unmatched and will give them an advantage in their college courses and beyond.” - President Larry Tucker '79
Symbiote base cabinets with phenolic surfaces and backplashes with double glass door wall cabinets in a high school classroom
On the perimeter of the chemistry classroom, fixed lab cabinets and mobile 4-Legged Tables offer storage and flexibility.
manual height adjustable Symbiote 4-Legged tables on glides with stainless steel surfaces in Marist High School classroom
Stainless steel chemistry surfaces with integral sink and gases
Symbiote base cabinet islands with custom phenolic curved surfaces, sinks, lab gas ball valves at Marist High School
Islands with custom surfaces encourage group participation in this chemistry lab.
Symbiote base cabinet islands with custom phenolic curved surfaces, sinks, lab gas ball valves at Marist High School
ADA accessible stations within the chemistry lab for an equal shared experience.
custom Symbiote 4-Legged Table islands with phenolic surfaces, hanging storage, plug strips, and sinks at Marist High School
Custom shaped chemistry stations allow for centralized instruction and hands on collaboration.
manual height adjustable Symbiote WorkTable on casters surrounded by chairs in science lab at Marist High School
Mobile worktables allow the classroom to be re-configured per lesson plan with ease.