"Technology", in context, has come to mean primarily electronics-based technology. In the Technology Industry, Symbiote product easily adapts to power and electrical requirements while providing durable workstations.

Designing a space for Technology with Symbiote

  • Sit/stand stations to provide ergonomics and comfort for the user
  • ESD surfaces and grounding hardware to comply to workplace standards
  • Computer support and cable management to support and organize monitors and computer accessories
  • Industry specific accessories, such as 3D printer filament spools, to fit workplace needs

Find Symbiote Product in the Technology Industry...

  • Continental
  • CNXMotion (Continental/Nexteer Automotive)
  • Banner Engineering
  • General Motors Battery Test Lab
  • Google
  • Intel Corporation
  • MathWorks
  • Vigilant, a DRW Company
  • Motorola

Technology Furniture Solutions

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height adjustable Symbiote ErgoStat & UltraFrame workstations with overhead lighting, shelves, plug strips in technology lab