Security organizations research, design, manufacture, operate, or maintain aircraft and spacecraft. Symbiote provides product that is used through this very diverse market with a multitude of commercial, industrial and military applications.

Designing a space for Security with Symbiote:

  • Height adjustable stations with high load capacities to support heavy machinery and tools
  • Highly cleanable and ESD surfaces for applications from veteran's affairs hospitals to government departments
  • Electrical and data accessories to provide every work station with power and utilities
  • Modular lab furniture that is scalable and reusable to reduce downtime and save money
  • Products available on GSA schedule for ease of ordering

Find Symbiote Product in the Security Industry...

  • Boeing
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Department of Defense
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Los Alamos Labs
  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Navy
  • Langley Air Force Base

Security Furniture Solutions

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