Phoenix Children's Hospital


Phoenix Children's Hospital

Featuring bright color finishes and innovative stations, Phoenix Children's Hospital utilized Symbiote furniture to expand their Core Clinical Lab.

Quick Details

  • Project Type: New Construction
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Dealer: Mercatus International
  • Completed: 2017


Project Details & Features

Seeking increased modularity and cleanability, the Core Clinical Lab at Phoenix Children's Hospital implemented various Symbiote products in this new construction. The lab included the areas of: Microbiology, Hematology, Anatomic Pathology, and Tissue Processing.

Height adjustable 4-Legged Tables replaced simple worksurfaces to create stations with faster reconfiguration. Suspended cabinets below the tables featured bright colors, representative of the culture at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Suspending the cabinets also allows for ease of cleaning and infection control. Increased access to power and data at each station was added with Symbiote vertical distributors, horizontal chases above surfaces, and emergency power below surfaces.

Robust 4-Legged Tables support a variety of testing equipment throughout the lab.
Symbiote 4-Legged Tables with suspended lab cabinets and epoxy surfaces at UltraFrame stations at Phoenix Children's Hospital
Bright colored cabinets paired with white finishes add to the spirit of the culture.
Each station is equipped with easy access to power and data with horizontal chases above and below the surfaces.