Central Hospital University of Montreal (CHUM)


Central Hospital University of Montreal (CHUM)

The largest hospital project in North America, Central Hospital University of Montreal (CHUM) is filled with mobile and fixed Symbiote products spanning three floors.

Quick Details

  • Project Type: New Construction
  • Location: Montreal, Quebec
  • Dealer: Trium
  • Completed: 2017


Project Details & Features

In downtown Montreal, Central Hospital University of Montreal (CHUM) combines teaching, research and healthcare all under one roof. CHUM is affiliated with the University of Montreal, supporting the education of many students and it is one of the largest hospitals in Canada. Seeking to better support this combination of purposes and general health of the public, CHUM utilized Symbiote products in this new construction. The three floors in this project included the teaching, research and clinical labs.

Symbiote height adjustable UltraFrame workstations increase visibility throughout the labs with open frame construction. The UltraFrames also support storage shelves, power/data chases, and monitor arms, adding both function and while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look. Around the lab perimeters, fixed floor and wall cabinets create areas to complete specialized tasks.

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Sinks integrated within the UltraFrame workstations support ease of work.
Surfaces with special cutouts provided by Symbiote increase the accessibility at these UltraFrame workstations.
Large clinical testing equipment is support on surfaces throughout the labs.
Mobile and fixed storage below the surfaces add both form and function to the workstations.