Henry Ford Hospital Pharmacy

Bio Tech

Henry Ford Hospital Pharmacy

Serving a large number of patients in the metro Detroit area, Henry Ford Pharmacy implements UltraFrame workstations to prepare prescriptions.

Quick Details

  • Project Type: Renovation
  • Location: Detroit, Michigan
  • Completed: 2019


Project Details & Features

In population-dense metro Detroit, Henry Ford Pharmacy serves many patients on a daily basis. The pharmacy supports patients from the 877-bed hospital located in a state-of-the-art academic hospital and research center. Typical wall-mounted drug storage is used but a need arose for flexible workstations with increased visibility throughout the pharmacy.

Symbiote height adjustable UltraFrame workstations offer storage above and below the surface. Under shelf mounted LED lights add low profile light for ease of workstation usability. Above the surfaces, power and data chases are accessible for every pharmacy technician. UltraFrame workstations are configured as islands to maximize space in the pharmacy while maintaining the existing wall-mounted prescription storage.

Symbiote Pharmacy Lab26
UltraFrame island workstations utilize vertical distributors to deliver power and data to each station.
Shelves above and below the surfaces add additional storage.
Stations support prescription preparation and storage.