Biotech Lab User

Biotech Lab User

From easily cleanable surfaces to ergonomic height adjustable benches, Symbiote understands your needs as a biotech lab user. Our creative services team will help you design a lab that meets and exceeds your technical specifications.

Quick Details

  • Services: Design, Planning, Renderings, Consulting
  • Assets: Catalog, Finish Samples, Brochures, Product Knowledge, Technical Data, Product Guidelines
  • Industry Connections: Leads, End Users, Dealer Networks, Market Experience

How can Symbiote help you?

We offer a wide breadth of knowledge and resources:

  • High quality renderings, market specific information, brochures, idea starters, planning guides, finish selections
  • Mobile, modular and agile products to re-configure your space as needs change
  • Easy to clean surface materials and finishes
  • Electrical and data options with 1-4 circuits and 15-20amps
  • Robust product designs to support extreme weight loads up to 1,000lbs in most cases
  • Plenty of storage options from with or without locks
  • Organizational products, totes, bins, containers, pegboards and magnetic markerboards
  • Customizable bench solutions
  • Electric height adjustable benches for all day comfort either sitting or standing
Our customers span the country and globe, utilizing and trusting Symbiote solutions in many industries!
clear akro bins hanging on a bin rail
sink base cabinet with drain board, shelves, vertical distributor with brightly colored textured plastic outer cover
multi-function shelf below glass door wall case with glass beakers and safety glasses
Symbiote products have trusted certifications to comply in every space. Symbiote is UL, SEFA, BIFMA, ETL, and ADA Compliant.