Lab Manager

Lab Manager

Symbiote understands you and your lab related needs.

Quick Details

  • Services: Design, Planning, Renderings, Consulting
  • Assets: Catalog, Finish Samples, Brochures, Product Knowledge, Technical Data, Product Guidelines
  • Industry Connections: Leads, End Users, Dealer Networks, Market Experience

How can Symbiote help you?

We offer a wide breadth of knowledge and resources:

  • Easy to clean materials
  • Symbiote offers design and product expertise, technical specs and details
  • High quality renderings, Market specific information, brochures, idea starters, planning guides, finish selections
  • After sale services, installation, follow ups, reconfigurations, customer service, life cycle support
  • Wide selection of utilities including gases, air, vac, electrical, data and custom solutions to fit the needs of your space.
  • National Dealer network for support
  • Mockups available to show different configurations, quality and materials
  • Customizable bench solutions
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